Johnny West Is Missing

by Couch

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Second album by Norfolk pop-punkers Couch!
11 tracks of adolescent anthems sure to strike a chord with every listener.


released October 30, 2013

All songs written and performed by Couch.
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Thaxter and Couch.
Thanks to Kelvin Reynolds for all his help recording the Drums.



all rights reserved


Couch Norfolk, UK


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Track Name: Charlotte
You promised me
You'll never do no wrong
So I agreed
Coz I've waited for so long
Less than one week
And you've fucked it up again
Track Name: Good Looks
Every time I think of you I see somebody else,
not that your not stuck in my head. Just seem to
remember all those bad times that we had, and
suppress them so I don't think of you.

Everything from before you wanna be free, don’t want you to
be the one!
Cause you’re none, we're breaking up
again cause you've been faking all the feelings that you
said you had for me, had for my good looks and my

Every time you think of me from this
moment on, it’s gunna be a sad situation. You seem
so comfortable, you said this would last forever,
if you play away, it won't be a-ok.
You said you haven't ate for seven days, you never
gave me sex, five four three two one. Cause
you’re none. For my sex appeal and my driving ability.

I got no, I got no money. That's why you, that's
why you left me.
Track Name: College Girls
I've got my bag packed, my bus pass, and everything's gunna be alright. My hair gelled, my teeth flossed, first impressions are what it's all about. I'm not gunna do well, no success educationally, and I'm just gunna find myself a girl! Find myself a real college girl!

College girls, that's what it's all about. College girls, gunna take you all out. College girls, that's what it's all about, college girls, college parties, just drinking ‘til we pass out!

I've got my story stright, a country boy who surfs on the weekend, and
plays guitar in rock band, with Bradel Chris and Mark! I'm gunna do well, I passed sex education, and I'm just gunna find myself a girl. Find myself a real college girl!

College Girls,they think they’re so cool, College Girls, they make the guys drool, College Girls, they think they’re so cool, college girls, college parties, just drinking. This party rules!

In the end it's gunna be fine, in the end two years is no time.
In the end it's gunna be fine, but at the moment, I'm having a great time.
Track Name: Dude, Where's My Car?
I live my life too fast
Hit the bottle too hard
Lost my money and my card
No recollection from the night so far
Don't even know where I parked the car
Looks like I'm walking home again

It's that time again, can't remember
anything. Seven shots of whiskey, and I'm
starting to get a bit frisky. Found a photo of a girl,
that I had taken on my phone. Can't put a name to her face,
but I know that body shape. Think I've seen it in a tape, I
must have watched you online, some time. Now I think I'd better
go before she wakes up. This is one hell of a headache...
Track Name: Almost Love At First Sight
Yesterday I met the girl of my dreams. Beautiful long blonde hair in a bar, looks like she should be in a magazine, she came over and chatted to me. She said “hey, do you have the time?”

I said “hey, HEY don't you wanna dance with me, won’t
you have a drink?” I said “hey, HEY don't you want romance with me?” She said “what do you think?” “I think you just want the time.” Almost love at first sight.
Today I had another run in, with that girl from the bar. Her hair was shinning in the sun her eyes were sparkling, she walked right past me playing hard to get. I said “hey” she didn't hear me say! I think you just walked right by, almost love at first sight!

Almost love at, almost love at, almost love at, almost love at first sight!

I remember walking to the bar last night, got some beer and got drunk on the way.
Followed you into a club and thought I’d try my luck. Woke up this morning with
gay pride, written on my ass. I said “hey, what the hell happened last night?
Someone answer me!”
Track Name: Growing Up
We’re building up to something new, I don’t really care what you do, the
conversation’s wearing thin all the time. I don’t regret every step I take,
you think life’s a big mistake. But I’m not the one to blame.

I don’t, act like, I’m the greatest person. I’m growing up. Growing up, throwing up ‘til I reach the top.

The foundation we think we’ve got, you don’t think it’s solid like a rock, and turbulence would knock us off. So take a chance with me, grab my hand, take a leap and see, if we are meant to be.

I don’t understand what’s going on inside your head, I don’t understand what’s difficult outside your bed. It’s common sense, it’s not that hard, getting older.
Track Name: Totally Rad
You think I got all the girls, when I was at school.
‘Cus I played in a band you think I was really really cool
Hanging out by the mobiles in the afternoon.
I’ve got a small group of friends, and they will do.
We never thought five years would go so soon.

‘Cus when you’re young, time moves so fast, probably
‘cus I was having a blast And when you’re free, no
responsibility, underage drinking in good company.
And hanging out, every single night, playing video
games, skateboarding not quite. And being cool, didn't
come into play, it’s just a coincidence that we were
totally rad anyway.

At school the teachers said I
talked to much. (You talk too much!) They said if I didn't pass, they’d kick my butt. (Boy, you better watch yo'self!)
In and out of relationships every day.
Only used to hold hand, ‘cus kissing was gay.
Track Name: I'm Short, You're Semi
I'm not gunna drop the L bomb right on you, instead I'm gunna say you look hot like all the other guys do, ‘cause that totally seems to work if you've been drinking a few. I'd slip a couple of pills in your alcopop, bypass base number two.
In our world today jackasses are cool, everyone you see at night time is shallower than a swimming pool. Looking too tanned for our British sun, smelling like digestives too. I've had enough of this stupid place, but I admit you look good in lace, and those stockings really do it for me too.

So I'd hook up, never marry, get down with your panties, show you mine if you show me your’s. There’s not much time to get in your drawers. Hook up, never marry, get down with your panties. I'll pretend it's my first attempt, pretend its my first attempt.

Have some guy come and bump and grind. I'm short, your semi’s near my ear. My shirt is stained from alcohol and I cannot hear, looking too tanned for our British sun, smelling like digestives too. I've had enough of this dumb dumb place but I admit you look ace in lace, and that boob tube really does it for me too.
Track Name: I Really Really Really Wanna See You Naked
What have I gotta do to make you mine? I try to write
you poems but they do not rhyme. Mummy always said
it was the thought that counts, but she didn't tell me
how to get into your pants. ‘Coz I really really really
wanna make you mine, and I really really really wanna see
you naked.

Tryin’ to pull a girl but she just won't put
out .I just wanna show her what I'm all about. If she
don't get with me, well then she's missing out.
And she must be a lesbian.

What have I gotta do to make you see? I'm not like all the other guys, I'm
just me. I am not that great but I will try my
best. Isn't that enough for me to feel your chest?
Track Name: Couch
Every day counts, and every break up mounts, I'm just wasting my time. You are depressed and I am over dressed, can't quite figure it out. I thought it'd be good, I thought it'd be fine, your mind’s a different country, you're a different time. You are crazy and you are lazy, your bark is worse than your bite.
So don't tell me you couldn't care less. ‘Cus less than none is exactly
how I feel.

So we're breaking up. So grab the couch, grab the couch ’cus
you're sleeping outside.

Every meeting and every conversation I have ever
had, you took minutes, created a PowerPoint. Is it me? Or are you sad? Every mother‘s a sexual other, you've got a weird picture in your head. At least every father isn't a plumber, coming round to join the cast. Don't take it personally but it's definitely you. I tried hard, you tried mild but it won't do. Coz were breaking up, breaking up, breaking up.
Leave the dog, I’m keeping the dog, ‘cus I love the dog.